WST-PP1600Melt-Blown Fabric Production Line

WST-PP800Melt-Blown Fabric Production Line

WESTECH - Supplier Of Meltblown Fabric Production Equipment

Westech Industries Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of melt-blown production equipment with strong R&D and production abilities. WESTECH is not just providing quality melt-blown machines but also designing and customizing a whole melt-blown production line to meet clients’ demand.

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Product Display

WESTECH supplies 4 models of Meltblown Machines to produce fabric width range from 600 to 1600mm, including: WST-PP600, WST-PP800, WST-PP1200, WST-PP1600.

Features:Following high standard of manufacturing process;Our melt blown equipment can produce high-quality melt blown fabric reach PFE 98%;Melt pump stabilizes extrusion pressure stably;The screw length-diameter ratio is 33, with better plasticization, and the electrostatic masterbatch mixed more evenly;The winding machine comes with slitter, with a special mechanism to ensure that the slitted fabrics are easy to separate.

Our Advantages

WESTECH upholds the concept of "innovation with technology" and dedication to provide you with high-quality products

Westech Melt-blown machine

R&D Ability

WESTECH focus on developing, producing and selling of melt-blown fabric machine for many years, with mature technology to customize a melt-blown fabric production line to meet your demand. Help you to produce high quality melt-blown fabric.

Westech Melt-blown machine

Product Quality

The production line runs steadily, manufactured fabric with the characteristics of stable quality, uniform net laying, good tension, good breathability, non-toxic and tasteless, and meets environmental standards.

Westech Melt-blown machine

Whole Line Design

WESTECH has the capacity of providing the whole melt-blown fabric production line with fully equipped and great after-sales technical support.

Westech Melt-blown machine

Production Capacity

WESTECH has 4 production workshops, which greatly improve production efficiency and shortens the delivery time.


Melt-blown fabric equipment can produce nonwoven fabrics with good absorption and high elasticity, such as, PP, PET, microfiber nonwoven fabrics.

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Applications of Non-woven fabric

Medical supplies: masks, medical masks, disposable clothing, surgical curtains, work protection, protective clothing, gas masks

Hygienic materials: baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, shoe covers and other cleaning applications

Project use: civil engineering, construction engineering, agricultural protection fabrics, auto soundproof insulation fabric, etc.

Packaging supplies: shopping bags, rice bags, tea bags, clothing packaging, etc. Household items: spring wraps, bedding, seats, etc.

Focus on melt-blown fabric machinery development and production

Committed to providing quality melt-blown fabric production equipments and customized solutions to meet clients’ need.