Westech Industries Ltd.

WESTECH is a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery and peripheral products, with strong R&D and production capacity. Our machines are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and appreciated by our customers.

In terms of production and R&D, our company has a CNC machining center, a standardized and efficient assembly line, and a bright and clean 6S standard manufacturing workshop. Relying on an experienced design and technical team, WESTECH has successfully developed an advanced Melt-blown cloth production line, which can be used for mask materials, liquid filtration materials, insulation materials, absorption materials, thermal insulation materials, oil absorption materials and wiping cloths.

In the future, WESTECH will continue to provide you with high-quality products and great technical support, and always be your trusted partner.

Our Melt-blown Fabric Machines includes:

melt blown machinery

-Melt-blown Fabric Machines Model WST-PP600

melt blown machinery

-Melt-blown Fabric Machines Model WST-PP800

melt blown machinery

-Melt-blown Fabric Machines Model WST-PP1200

melt blown machinery

-Melt-blown Fabric Machines Model WST-PP1600

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Quality Inspection

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N95 quality

All models standard level of N95


provide a reliable service

Our Advantages

WESTECH upholds the concept of "innovation with technology" and dedication to provide you with high-quality products

melt blown machinery

R&D Ability

WESTECH focus on developing, producing and selling of melt-blown fabric machine for many years, with mature technology to customize a melt-blown fabric production line to meet your demand. Help you to produce high quality melt-blown fabric.

melt blown machinery

Product Quality

The production line runs steadily, manufactured fabric with the characteristics of stable quality, uniform net laying, good tension, good breathability, non-toxic and tasteless, and meets environmental standards.

melt blown machinery

Whole Line Design

WESTECH has the capacity of providing the whole melt-blown fabric production line with fully equipped and great after-sales technical support.

melt blown machinery

Production Capacity

WESTECH has 4 production workshops, which greatly improve production efficiency and shortens the delivery time.

WESTECH equipment made fabrics comply with relevant national standards

At present, China's industry standards for melt-blown fabrics are: "Melt-blown Nonwovens" (FZ / T 64078-2019), and Jiangsu Textile Industry Association officially released "Metal-blown Nonwovens for Masks" (T / JSFZXH001- 2020) Group standard. This standard applies to non-woven fabrics produced by the melt-blown type machine, not limited to masks. This standard, which mainly applies to melt-blown fabric for sanitary protective masks, sets specific requirements to regulate the standard of melt-blown used in masks, including the width of melt-blown, mass breakage tension per unit area, appearance, color difference and elongation.

WESTECH melt-blown fabirc production equipments comply with the above standards, and passed tests as follows:
1-GB 2626 -2006 2006 Self-priming protective equipment-Self-priming filter type anti-particulate pager
2-GB 32610 -20162016 2016 Technical Specifications of Daily Protective Masks
3-GB 19083 -20102010 2010 Technical Requirements for Medical protective mask
4-YY 0469 -2011 2011 Medical surgical mask

Service Guarantee

Weishitian meltblown cloth production line service support WESTECH is focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sells, installation of melt-blown fabric production equipments with rich experiences and strong technical ability. We currently provides 4 models for the width of finished fabric 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm and 1600mm


25 days (Most Items)

factory debugging

Provide the factory machine service


Film and box packaging, delivery at factory

After-sales maintenance

supporting services system

Spare parts to provide

Provide the whole line parts supply

Strict factory monitoring

100% test and inspection for machines and parts

Site Acceptance :

Provides customer on-site acceptance to ensure customer benefit, details as below:

melt blown machinery

1. Test and correction for temperature control system
2. Test for extrusion pressure and constant volume
3. Extrusion stability adjustment
4. PLC control system test
5. Test for operation stability of the whole line equipments
6.Correction for Changing linear speed and actual control linear speed ratio
7.Test winding device
8.General test for machine
9.The empty running speed of the production line is 10-50m / min
10.Melt-blown fabric weight 25 g ± 1.5 g
11.Specifications of testing melt-blown fabric 25g / ㎡ (speed 20-30m / min)35g / ㎡ (speed 12-22m / min)

Westech Production base

melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery
melt blown machinery

Focus on melt-blown fabric machinery development and production

Is committed to providing quality melt-blown fabric production equipment, sincere service customers